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BMT Solutions.com LLC was founded in April of 1999 as a provider of customer and technical support to Internet Service Providers. We are located in West Linn, Oregon which is in the greater Portland, Oregon area. BMT’s goal is not to be the biggest support organization, because big is not necessarily the best. 

Unlike other outsourcing providers that spread themselves thin among a wide range of different customer support avenues, BMT specializes in customer and technical support services for Internet Services Providers. Because we pride ourselves to only providing support to ISP’s this allows our company to solely dedicate itself to learning and understanding all types of connectivity issues. 

With BMT, you can be confident your customers are in good hands. We stand for quality customer service, which is the best in the business. Smart businesses of the future will serve their customers by functioning more as a focuser of resources then as an owner of resources. 

“Do what you do best and outsource the rest”.