About us

BMT Solutions.com can cover your calls on 24/7 365 days a year but if you are just looking for part-time support we can assist with that also.

We can support all type of internet connection issues and setup from dialup, dsl, wireless, and cable to name a few.  BMT also provides support for email setup and issues. 

BMT supports Pc's and Mac operating systems for email and connection issues and setup, along with iphone and ipad email set ups.    We do not do hardware support, but can provide basic network support.

One of our most asked questions is what access do we need to provide to support our customers?  This all depends on what you would like us to be able to support and the access you wish to provide to us.  Of course the more access we have the better we can service the customer over the phone, but this is all up to the client and what they wish us to cover and the access they are willing to open up for us.  Again, we tailor our service to meet your needs.

Cost of service depends on length of coverage, types of support needed, and number of customers you currently have.  For exact pricing information please send your request to ops@bmtsolutions.com.  Please include what hours of support you are needing, approximate user base total, and average calls a month.