About us

The Right Solution For Your Outsourcing Needs

BMT Solutions.com is committed, individually and collectively, to providing the highest quality outsourced Customer and Technical support services for our clients and their customers, at an affordable cost.

Most outsourcing providers tell you what services they offer and will not budge outside the box with there support.  However, with BMT Solutions.com we ASK YOU what your company and customer needs are.  We can offer you part-time and full time support.  We are available 24/7.  Whatever your support needs are, BMT Solutions.com will tailor our service to meet your company needs.

You can be confident your customers are in good hands.  Our industry experience taught us potential clients need service, at the lowest possible price and the highest possible quality.  We know the cost of service, for your customers, has a major impact on your company.  The bottom line is outsourcing has become one of today's most powerful, organization-shaping management strategies. 

BMT Solutions.com was founded in April of 1999 as a provider of customer and technical support to Internet Service Providers.  We are Located in the Greater Portland Oregon area. 

With BMT, you can be confident your customers are in good hands.  We stand for quality customer service, which is the best in the business.  Smart businesses of the future will server their customers by functioning more as a focuser of resources then as an owner of resources.

Do What You Do Best and Outsource The Rest